Getting out of Hue: two bums, no buses

Guess what guys! Fifteen hours ahead of schedule, Laura and I have made it to Hanoi!! Don’t ask how or why, the details really demote our traveling independence. Bullied by tour companies and a jam-packed bus line-up, we were forced to bite fifty US dollars and splurge for a quick and painless flight to the northern capital. We put the struggles and tales of Ernesto and Alberto upon La Ponderosa to shame. However, at first bummed by our explosive spending (I think 50 dollars is what I spend in a month here)… we resolved to find happiness in the local bars of Vietnam…heavy drinking for the heavy heart. Something Guevara and friend would likely have championed for. True to its potency, sorrows and concerns were washed away with the fizz, although I never know how or why this occurs. But really at some point you just don’t care anymore. So slightly drunk off two and half Hune brews, in the same clothes I have worn for the past three days (adding and subtracting shoes every now and then)… we embarrassingly grab a table in a small blue restaurant for a second dinner which happens to be the most exquisite of chowmein noodles and egg ever created by human hands.. and so we pay our bill in satisfaction, congratulate our decision-making and find a bus to the airport. the bus stops in front of a building which looks like a grocery store that is on the verge of closing, except airport is highlighted in neon above its entrance. this is certainly not a real situation. however, with an ease inevitably due to our drinks we ignore the minor hesitancies of our otherwise logical selves and board the plane along with thirty other Vietnamese faces. Power in numbers. In flight, we pass out  until we arrive tired and bed-ready to Hanoi around 11 pm.

found in the airport on the way to the bathroom... the general sentiment of today

In Hanoi, our luck seems to be on the rebound. Wandering through the lamp-lit streets of a sleeping capital we found a hostel appropriately named.. “Hanoi Backpackers Hostel” (how cleverly simple). It is a dorm-style accommodation in some renovated old buildings. Free computers (hints how I’m typing to you now) and free breakfast (score… ok minor score now that I’m reading the details it is limited to breads, spreads,and noodles… but who’s complaining)! Our excitement wakes up the hairy-backed mate who is already sleeping in the bunk to the right, apologies! But now overly aware of the hour and our noise, we unzip and rezip our bags in slow motion, head to the bathroom with the footsteps of rabbits, and brush our teeth cleaning out the plaque and monetary losses of today with a new and positive setting. Ah, what tomorrow holds! In the morning we will search for a way to get to Halong Bay (which i found out today is the 4th greatest natural wonder of the world.. what is the first?) and we will enjoy a humble free feast without losing a dime! For now, nothing could be better than that. With that said, and fatigue surmounting in my right shoulder.. i bid you goodnight, before I jinx my sure-to-be-coming good fortune .. or something like that.

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