The Creative Impulse

The creative impulse is like a deep soul fire that, once kindled, can completely reshape and redefine the way you express yourself in the world. You can see this inner fire in the way a painter begins to stain a blank canvas or in the escalating beauty and fervor of a musical performance (think opera). There is a recognition that something has been stirred within, a growing enthusiasm, and a release that stretches what was previously perceived as possible. The creative impulse moves free of boundaries, adding beauty, energy, and abundance into the experience of life. Life-enhancement arises as experience before the thought or semantics of such begin to develop.

Whether it be through spoken word, poetry, photographs, dancing, or cooking… creativity pulses when the soul is moved to express and share it’s deepest yearning. There is a sense of full-fledged inspiration and relaxation that arise from full absorption with one’s creative potential. With a relaxed mind, everything arises and flows in a state of perfection and infinite oneness. Some of the best artists have mastered this totality of feeling, emotions, and experience with cameras or watercolors. But every individual has the capacity to express from a deep inner abundance. Be empowered by the word’s of Rumi or the sculptures of Michelangelo to open the well of your own creativity and inspire that in others.

Read the following, then take a moment for a Creativity Exercise to cultivate your inner voice and increase awareness.

“Leave the familiar for a while.
Let your senses and bodies stretch out
Like a welcomed season
Onto the meadows and shores and hills.
Open up to the Roof.
Make a new water-mark on your excitement
And love.” – Hafiz

Using pen and paper if available, close your eyes, and tune in to what is happening for you in this moment. Allow your thoughts and words to flow all over the page, there is no need to monitor logic or progression, just observe what pours out of you. Maybe just noting the sounds you hear to begin. Be patient and authentic, noticing what is coming up and allowing it to release without judgment. Free of form and destination, when the flow ends, let your attachment to the exercise gradually pass as well. By allowing yourself to come into creative spaces free of the attachment to reason or result, you begin to strengthen a positive relationship to the creative impulse within you.

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