Hands that Heal: New Exhibition

I recently became involved in a project called Hands that Heal. Self-created, the project is my own apparent need for an energetic exchange with something greater than myself. Where I once used words as my medium of expression, I have found that the combination of words with visuals hold a newfound resonance. The images themselves can now speak.

Why the hands? The hands are an incredibly functional and symbolic part of the body. Ever referenced as cradles of truth; they carry a piece of decadent chocolate to our mouths, embrace the cries of a new-born baby,  and create our dreams. Our hands are one of the many tools we use to manifest our desires and needs into reality.

With each participant in the Hands that Heal project, I ask them to reflect on a word that encompasses the one thing that can always bring self-healing. Whether that be a favorite album, a delightful person, a concept or an action; The individual brings the word to life, spelling it out across their palms. The letters are strung into a word which rests patiently in the creases of the individual’s palm as I photograph. For a moment in time, they literally hold their own healing. After several clicks of the shutter, with the same brevity that it was created, they let it go.

Simple, brief, yet deeply interconnected. This is how the project began, and how it continues to unfold. Each person is intimately seen but able to share themselves in a safe, universal way through the symbolism found in the hands.


To schedule a Hands that Heal exhibition, contact emilynicholsphoto@gmail.com.

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