The Photographer

Hi, I’m Emily.

I live in a little cabin in the woods just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. I enjoy spending most days with the sweetest man i know, cuddled near the woodstove at home or taking long aimless walks in the forest, silently following animal tracks and carefully inspecting wildflowers. My life is simple and my heart is full when I’m close to the movements of nature, the birth of sunrise and the turning of the seasons.

I believe good photography works in close cahoots with nature. Photography at its best captures the essence of its subject, whether that be a person, an event or a moment between people. The naturalness of a smile, the warmth of a loving gaze, the calm within the storm, the small details that make up the larger picture of life is where my eye attends. Awkward posing and fluorescent lighting was just never interesting to me.

Foremost, photography is personal.

The best photos are not necessarily easy on the eyes or beautiful, but able to communicate something real to the human heart.

In looking at a photo that captures the spontaneity of a laugh, the bittersweet release of tears, or the flow of deep love between people we connect with that quality within ourselves. That is what makes people fall in love with photos, and that’s how I fell in love with photography as a medium.

It is my honor to accompany you in allowing your innate naturalness to rise in front of the camera effortlessly. To create an experience that’s as deeply satisfying when you’re in it as it is when you receive the final photos at home.

I look forward to hearing from you. -emily

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