Warm Words

“Thank you, Emily for making it a delight to be seen and witnessed fully! You are a treasure, who captures not only great photos, but the heart of the people you work with.” – Meghan D.

“The day was more hectic and busy than I could have possibly imagined and then when the dust settled it was just Elliott, myself, and you in the field and I could finally breathe.  You were such a force of calm energy that helped us remember to relax and settle into our day.  The pictures of us by the barns are absolutely breathtaking – it’s hard to believe that’s even us.” – Amy H.

“We LOVE the photos !!!! Some made us laugh out loud, too, which we so appreciate. Thank you thank you for being part of our joyful day!” -Angie M.

“Thank you! You made our day so wonderful and special. It is very clear how much love and care you put into your work. Thank you again, you really went above and beyond to make our day wonderful and special.” – Kaela M.

“I am truly grateful to have someone who is as enthusiastic and supportive as you are to document our commitment to one another.” – Natasha C.

“Looked through the photos last night- oh my goodness. You are so very talented. We are in love with every single photo you took. <3 Thank you so much!” – Ashley G.

“Emily photographs the soul of things and she makes it seem so easy. Darting here and there like a shadow, she captures the moments that you feel are beyond photographs. She takes the kind of pictures that I want to bury in a time capsule and show off to my grandchildren. She is the kind of photographer that uses her lens to truly see the inner and outer beauty of everything. I recommend her with no hesitations. She has turned the memories of my wedding into a cherished golden dream.” – Heather W.
“I consider myself camera-shy, yet I wasn’t reluctant with Emily at all. Time spent with her felt more like time spent with a dear friend and beloved friend. Her work is amazing and I am so grateful and pleased.”  – Sierra H.

“A photo shoot with Emily is pure joy. She allows a natural spontaneity to express itself through you and captures the details with expertise and ease. I’m thrilled with the photos and think they show the best of me.” – Margaret K.

“Emily Nichols Photography is/provides more than just ‘pictures’. Emily went above and beyond to make our day more than special by putting her heart into her work. She was able to capture the love and joy within every moment of our wedding, we will always be able to look back and cherish these moments through her wonderful photography. Thank you!” – Isaac A.

“Wow Emily I am SO blown away by your work, your eye, your heart through the camera, the way the Divine CLEARLY works through you. I feel like you have borne visual witness to the sacred relationship with the bee that is way larger than this human woman and her bees. This made me weep and I am at your feet. Thank you so much for walking your Path the way you do. The world is clearly a better place with you in it.” – Debra R.

“Thank you so much for you all your help! All the photos look terrific — you are an amazing photographer!” – Nicolee M.